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Ransomware disrupts food supply chain, Exchange exploitation suspected

April 14, 2021

Via: Malwarebytes

When malware found its way into the network of Bakker Logistiek, a company specializing in the transport and warehousing of food and other products, on the night of 4 to 5 April, its IT systems ground to a halt. And, […]

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How ransomware gangs are connected, sharing resources and tactics

April 12, 2021

Via: Malwarebytes

Many of us who read the news daily encounter a regular drum beat of ransomware stories that are both worrying and heartbreaking. And what many of us don’t realize is that they are often interconnected. Some of the gangs behind […]

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Ransomware attack on London schools highlights warnings

March 30, 2021

Via: Computer Weekly

A disruptive cyber attack on a “chain” of schools in London and the South East, which has left around 37,000 pupils unable to access email, has again highlighted the vulnerability of educational institutions to targeted ransomware attacks, coming just days […]

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Buffalo Public Schools Cancel Classes Due to Ransomware

March 15, 2021

Via: Dark Reading

Buffalo Public Schools was forced to cancel both remote and in-person learning today due to a ransomware attack that hit the school district on March 12, local news outlets report. Remote learning was also canceled Friday. The cyberattack struck as […]

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Silver Sparrow Malware Infected Tens of Thousands of Macs

March 3, 2021

Via: Panda Security

Mac devices located in more than 150 countries worldwide have been infected by malware called Silver Sparrow. There are tens of thousands of affected Apple devices currently, and it is yet unclear how they got infected. Cybersecurity experts believe that […]

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Ryuk Ransomware Updated With ‘Worm-Like Capabilities’

March 1, 2021

Via: DataBreach Today

Prolific Ryuk ransomware has a new trick up its sleeve. The developers behind the notorious strain of crypto-locking malware have given their attack code the ability to spread itself between systems inside an infected network. “A Ryuk sample with worm-like […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Evolving Threat of Ransomware

February 24, 2021

Via: The Hacker News

The cybersecurity world is constantly evolving to new forms of threats and vulnerabilities. But ransomware proves to be a different animal—most destructive, persistent, notoriously challenging to prevent, and is showing no signs of slowing down. Falling victim to a ransomware […]

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Mac Malware Targeting Apple’s M1 Chip Emerges

February 18, 2021

Via: Security Week

The malware was discovered by Patrick Wardle, a cybersecurity researcher who specializes in Apple products. Wardle has developed several free and open source security tools for Macs, and came up with the idea to look for malware designed to run […]

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U.S. Agencies Publish Ransomware Factsheet

February 9, 2021

Via: Security Week

The factsheet has been developed by an interagency group of experts in ransomware, from more than 15 government agencies, and is meant to help increase awareness on the threat that ransomware poses to critical infrastructure. The two-page document explains that, […]

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Fueled by Profits, Ransomware Persists in New Year

January 21, 2021

Via: DataBreach Today

Different types of criminality may come and go, but when it comes to cybercrime, ransomware dominated in 2020 and looks set to continue well into the new year. Of course, ransomware attacks these days encapsulate a whole range of behaviors, […]