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All online payments could be in danger of being hacked

March 4, 2021

Via: TechRadar

Researchers have detected discussions on the dark web between cybercriminals concerning methods ways to bypass the most common security measures for online card-based transactions. Experts from Gemini Advisory found that threat actors have adopted a strategy of using a combination […]

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Defending Against Credential Phishing Starts by Protecting Your Users

March 1, 2021

Via: SecureWorld

As the global pandemic continues to run rampant, CISOs are not only struggling to solve traditional cybersecurity challenges, but are faced with a new surge of pandemic themed phishing scams intended to deceive users and infiltrate organizations. Of these, credential […]

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Phishers tricking users via fake LinkedIn Private Shared Document

February 18, 2021

Via: Help Net Security

Phishers are trying to trick users into opening a “LinkedIn Private Shared Document” and entering their login credentials into a fake LinkedIn login page, security researcher JB Bowers warns. The phishing attack The phishing message is delivered via LinkedIn’s internal […]

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IRS Warns Tax Professionals of Phishing Campaign Targeting EFINs

February 15, 2021

Via: Hot for Security

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) began accepting tax-return applications last Friday. As millions of citizens prepare for what may be the most challenging tax season to date, identity thieves got a head start, deploying phishing campaigns impersonating the agency as […]

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Spam and phishing in 2020

February 15, 2021

Via: Securelist

Contact us to lose your money or account! In their email campaigns, scammers who imitated major companies, such as Amazon, PayPal, Microsoft, etc., increasingly tried to get users to contact them. Various pretexts were given for requesting the user to […]

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CISA Warns of Incoming Valentine’s Day Romance Scams

February 12, 2021

Via: Hot for Security

The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has issued a warning regarding the upcoming Valentine’s Day, telling people to watch out for romance scams. If there’s money to be made, criminals will find a way to take advantage of […]

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Novel phishing technique uses Morse code to compose malicious URLs

February 8, 2021

Via: Security Affairs

Experts spotted a new targeted phishing campaign that leverages a new obfuscation technique based on the Morse code to hide malicious URLs in an email attachment and bypass secure mail gateways and mail filters. The Morse code encodes each letter […]

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FTC Warns US Citizens of ‘Instant Cash Payments’ Scammers Impersonating the Agency

January 29, 2021

Via: Hot for Security

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has released information on scammers impersonating the agency, warning the public that the criminals operate a spoofed website to trick consumers into disclosing financial information, with a tantalizing promise of instant cash. The FTC, […]

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Reported US Data Breaches Declined by 19% in 2020

January 29, 2021

Via: DataBreach Today

The number of data breaches being reported in the U.S. and elsewhere each year continues to decline. But security experts say this unfortunately can be explained by criminals increasingly focusing on lucrative ransomware and business email compromise scams, which require […]

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What You Need to Know About Scam Text Messages in 2021

January 28, 2021

Via: Security Intelligence

The threat of scam text messages may now seem distant, even quaint. With all the new, exotic and sophisticated attacks that have arisen in the past decade, surely text message attacks are low on the list. But, they can still […]