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Nasty macOS Malware XCSSET Now Targets Google Chrome, Telegram Software

July 23, 2021

Via: The Hacker News

A malware known for targeting macOS operating system has been updated once again to add more features to its toolset that allows it to amass and exfiltrate sensitive data stored in a variety of apps, including apps such as Google […]

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APT Hackers Distributed Android Trojan via Syrian e-Government Portal

July 22, 2021

Via: The Hacker News

An advanced persistent threat (APT) actor has been tracked in a new campaign deploying Android malware via the Syrian e-Government Web Portal, indicating an upgraded arsenal designed to compromise victims. “To the best of our knowledge, this is the first […]

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Macron Among 14 Heads of States on Potential Spyware List

July 21, 2021

Via: Security Week

“The unprecedented revelation … should send a chill down the spine of world leaders,” Amnesty’s secretary general, Agnes Callamard, said in a statement. Among potential targets found on a list of 50,000 phone numbers leaked to Amnesty and the Paris-based […]

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Despite good defensive measures, ransomware continues to get in

July 21, 2021

Via: Help Net Security

Traditional ransomware defenses are failing, with 54% of all victims having anti-phishing training and 49% having perimeter defenses in place at the time of attack, according to a Claudian survey of 200 IT decision makers whose organizations experienced a ransomware […]

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IoT malware attacks rose 700% during the pandemic

July 20, 2021

Via: Help Net Security

Zscaler released a study examining the state of IoT devices left on corporate networks during a time when businesses were forced to move to a remote working environment. The report analyzed over 575 million device transactions and 300,000 IoT-specific malware […]

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Half of organizations are ineffective at countering phishing and ransomware threats

July 19, 2021

Via: Help Net Security

Half of US organizations are not effective at countering phishing and ransomware threats, Osterman Research research reveals. The findings come from a study compiled from interviews with 130 cybersecurity professionals in mid-sized and large organizations. “Phishing and ransomware were already […]

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What is scareware?

July 16, 2021

Via: Malwarebytes

Scareware is a type of rogue program which has been around for many years, arguably dating back to 1990. It can be installed without permission, or via deception and false promises. Scareware is primarily used to panic or worry someone […]

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HelloKitty ransomware now targets VMware ESXi servers

July 15, 2021

Via: Security Affairs

A Linux variant of the HelloKitty ransomware was employed in attacks against VMware ESXi systems. The move of the ransomware gang aims at expanding the operations targeting enterprises that are largely adopting virtualizing platforms. Targeting VMware ESXi systems, threat actors […]

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Updated Joker Malware Floods into Android Apps

July 14, 2021

Via: Threat Post

The Joker mobile trojan is back on Google Play, with an uptick in malicious Android applications that hide the billing-fraud malware, researchers said. It’s also using new approaches to skirt past Google’s app-vetting process. Joker has been around since 2017, […]

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Notorious Trickbot malware may have some new tricks up its sleeve

July 13, 2021

Via: TechRadar

Cybersecurity researchers have detected a significant increase in the activity of the infamous Trickbot malware, with a large number of new command and control (C2) centers deployed around the world, as well as a new module for monitoring and intelligence […]