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5 Ways to Accelerate Security Confidence for AWS Cloud

December 3, 2020

Via: Security Intelligence

Today’s cloud services customers are looking beyond the basic benefits of the cloud, such as ease of scale and payment options. Now, they want the cloud to keep their business evolving and improve customer experience to help them compete. Amazon […]

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Cybercrime Moves to the Cloud to Accelerate Attacks Amid Data Glut

November 16, 2020

Via: Threat Post

Cybercriminals are embracing cloud-based services and technologies in order to accelerate their attacks on organizations and better monetize their wares, researchers have found. This is largely driven by cybercriminals who sell access to what they call “clouds of logs,” which […]

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Rackspace Hosted Email Flaw Actively Exploited by Attackers

November 5, 2020

Via: DataBreach Today

Attackers have been actively exploiting a flaw in Rackspace’s hosted email service to send phishing emails, bearing legitimate and validated domain names, as part of business email compromise scams. So warns 7 Elements, an IT security testing consultancy based in […]

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5 best practices for negotiating SaaS contracts for risk and security

November 4, 2020

Via: CSO Online

Adoption of SaaS offerings accelerated this year because of the large-scale shift to remote work prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The trend has heightened enterprise exposure to cyber threats and brought into sharper focus the security and risk factors that […]

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Here’s Why We Need to Stay Safe in the New Contactless Economy

October 27, 2020

Via: Radware Blog

The pandemic has poured fuel on to the cloud migration fire as organisations look to succeed in a contactless economy that now, more than ever, prizes online interactions and the digital experience. As a result, businesses are moving more critical […]

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Researchers Find Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Azure Cloud Service

October 8, 2020

Via: The Hacker News

As businesses are increasingly migrating to the cloud, securing the infrastructure has never been more important. Now according to the latest research, two security flaws in Microsoft’s Azure App Services could have enabled a bad actor to carry out server-side […]

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Application Security in Today’s Multi-Cloud World

September 29, 2020

Via: Radware Blog

Managing applications in heterogeneous cloud environments introduces new challenges for IT, DevOps and application owners. One of these challenges of is that each environment offers different capabilities, resulting in inconsistent management and deployment of application delivery and security services, policies […]

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Google Launches Enterprise Threat Detection Solution

September 24, 2020

Via: Security Week

This is the first threat detection product out of the Chronicle cybersecurity platform after Chronicle became part of Google in June last year. Launched in 2018 as a separate entity, Chronicle was established in 2016 within Google’s parent company Alphabet, […]

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10 common cloud security mistakes that put your data at risk

September 10, 2020

Via: CSO Online

The news is filled regularly with attacks on misconfigured cloud servers and the leaked data that criminals obtain from them. The errors happen because we are all human. We might set up a cloud server with loose (or no) credentials […]

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Cloud technology great for security but poses systemic risks, according to new report

August 31, 2020

Via: CSO Online

Although nearly 30 years old, cloud computing is still a “new” technology for most organizations. The cloud promises to reduce costs and increase efficiencies through storage and management of large repositories of data and systems that are theoretically cheaper to […]