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‘Lone Wolf’ Scammer Built a Multifaceted BEC Cybercrime Operation

June 11, 2019

Via: Dark Reading

This wasn’t the first time the chief financial officer of email security vendor Agari had been targeted in a business email compromise (BEC) scam. As with the first incident in August 2018, three months later Agari’s software tool flagged a […]

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Many are seeing the damage of cybercrime and identity theft firsthand

May 30, 2019

Via: Help Net Security

As massive data breaches continue to make international headlines and the Internet is an integral part of our daily lives, consumers are now grasping the risks they face. In a new F-Secure survey, 71% of respondents say they feel that […]

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Cyber weapons readily available to criminals, researchers warn

May 29, 2019

Via: Computer Weekly

China-based cyber attackers have breached more than 50,000 servers belonging to companies in the healthcare, telecommunications, media and IT sectors using sophisticated attack tools, security researchers warn. The machines were compromised as part of a cyber attack campaign targeting Windows […]

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A casual approach to workplace communications presents major security risks

April 24, 2019

Via: Help Net Security

Workers are comfortable sharing personal, sensitive and confidential information over chat platforms. They practice risky digital habits, and don’t care if their communications are leaked. Symphony Communication Services Workplace Confidential Survey, which polled over 1,500 workers in the U.S. and […]

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Banks continue to prioritize risk management over customer convenience

April 17, 2019

Via: Help Net Security

Almost three in four banks in Asia Pacific anticipate that fraud in their country will increase in 2019, according to a recent poll by FICO. Of specific concern are transactions completed when neither the card nor the cardholder is physically […]

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Cybercriminals Exploit Gmail Feature to Scale Up Attacks

February 6, 2019

Via: Dark Reading

Criminals are taking advantage of Gmail’s ‘dots don’t matter’ feature to set up multiple fraudulent accounts on websites, using variations of the same email address, Agari says. Some cybercriminals are taking advantage of a long-standing feature in Google Gmail designed […]

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Best identity theft protection of 2018

November 14, 2018

Via: TechRadar

Identity fraud just isn’t going away, and it continues to be a growing concern in 2018. If you’re (quite rightly) concerned about falling for one of the many scams that have been doing the rounds on the internet, then our […]

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Here’s Why Business Email Compromise Is Still Driving Executive Identity Theft

September 12, 2018

Via: Security Intelligence

All it took was access to a lawyer’s email, and suddenly, almost $532,000 was in the wrong hands. This business email compromise (BEC) scam began simply: A criminal in Los Angeles named Ochenetchouwe Adegor Ederaine, Jr. gained access to a […]

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Customers reporting OnePlus payment website was hacked and reported credit card fraud

January 16, 2018

Via: Security Affairs

Several customers of the Chinese smartphone manufacturer. OnePlus claim to have been the victim of fraudulent credit card transactions after making purchases on the company webstore. A large number of OnePlus users claim to have been the victim of fraudulent […]

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New Year, New Account Fraud: Identity Theft May Be Holding Back Your Customer Experience Resolutions

January 15, 2018

Via: Security Intelligence

The beginning of a new year is a great time to resolve to improve your customer experience. One of the best places to start is the new account creation process. Financial institutions can spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars per […]