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European Agencies Hack Criminal Encrochat Messaging System

July 7, 2020

Via: Hot for Security

A joint operation headed by European and British law agencies dismantled the Encrochat messaging service, leading to the arrests of more than 100 people as well as the seizure of numerous weapons and ammunitions, drugs and millions in criminal funds. […]

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How your web hosting impacts security

July 6, 2020

Via: TechRadar

Web hosting has a much bigger impact on your website than you might expect, so much so, in fact, that the type of hosting you choose could leave your site open to exploit and downtime. Here’s what you need to […]

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How do you secure the cloud? New data points a way

June 26, 2020

Via: CSO Online

The march toward the cloud for data and services has many companies rethinking their approach to cybersecurity. Do they need a new cloud security strategy? Recent surveys have shed light on how security strategies are changing, and more important, how […]


Is Password Reuse Putting Your Business At Risk?

June 15, 2020

Via: Tailynn Gable

Every day, 99% of professionals choose convenience at the expense of their enterprise security by reusing passwords—either across work accounts or, even more alarmingly, between work and personal accounts. Taking comfort in password-protected entry points may cause any business to […]

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Enterprise internet attack surface is growing, report shows

June 11, 2020

Via: CSO Online

The attack surface of large enterprises has grown in recent months driven by the new work conditions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The threat has increased in many areas including servers that are directly accessible from the internet, domain names, […]

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What’s next? CISOs weigh in on COVID’s long-term effects on security

June 4, 2020

Via: CSO Online

As lockdowns ease, CISOs are looking ahead at how their teams operate and how they protect employees and assets. The most likely change is permanently supporting more work-at-home employees. According to a report released in April by (ISC)2, 96% of […]

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Skipped patch from 2012 makes old Microsoft Office systems a favored target

June 3, 2020

Via: CSO Online

In addition to protecting the desktop, you should also pay close attention to the Office suite–in particular, Microsoft’s Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) platform. OLE allows you to make linked connections between applications and other documents, but it also provides […]

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Video Conferencing Security for Businesses Isn’t a New Issue, It Just Came Into Focus

June 1, 2020

Via: Security Intelligence

With 316 million Americans being asked to stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic and nearly half of the U.S. population still working from home, video conferencing has suddenly become a critical tool for businesses. In fact, tools for remote […]


How to Choose the Right Unified Endpoint Management Solution

May 12, 2020

Via: Natalie Dunn

Today, many businesses use a large number of connected devices, ranging from desktop computers to barcode scanners. As IT and security leaders work around the clock to secure and maintain servers, computers, smartphones, tablets, iPads, IoT devices, virtual machines, and […]

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COVID-19 pandemic accelerates transformation in enterprise security

May 12, 2020

Via: CSO Online

We were already on our way to being a digital-first economy. The global COVID-19 pandemic, though, expedited the shift away from the last remnants of traditional operating models and placed further emphasis on the security measures that will be needed […]