Fake mobile app fraud tripled in first half of 2019

October 16, 2019

In Q2 2019, RSA Security identified 57,406 total fraud attacks worldwide. Of these, phishing attacks were the most prevalent (37%), followed by fake mobile apps (usually apps posing as those of popular brands). But while phishing went up by just […]

Only 32% of organizations employ a security-first approach to cloud data storage

October 10, 2019

Category: Cloud security

Although nearly half (48%) of corporate data is stored in the cloud, only a third (32%) of organizations admit they employ a security-first approach to data storage in the cloud, according to a global study from Thales, with research from […]

5 Disruptive Trends Transforming Cybersecurity

October 1, 2019

With the C-suite laying the gauntlet down for digital transformation in the enterprise — tying swift software delivery and market-adaptable tech services directly into core value propositions — many IT departments are entering an enlightenment period. CIOs, chief digital officers, […]

Application security

Windows 7 Users to Receive End-of-Life Notification

October 17, 2019

Via: Hot for Security

Microsoft is beginning to notify users that the Windows 7 operating system is approaching its Jan. 12 end-of-life date. An update for Windows 7 brings a notification that tells users that support for the operating system is coming to an […]

Hacker, Threats & Malware

Russian Hackers Silently Hit Government Targets for Years

October 17, 2019

Via: Security Week

Also known as the Dukes, CozyDuke, and Cozy Bear, the state-sponsored group has been active for over a decade and is believed to have been involved in the 2016 attacks against the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the formal governing body […]

Network security

How seriously are businesses taking their PKI security?

October 16, 2019

Via: Help Net Security

While most enterprises demonstrate a committed effort towards maintaining a well-rounded PKI setup, they still fall short in several key categories. The post-Black Hat survey report generated by AppViewX indicated that the primary reason for these shortfalls resided in the […]