Ransomware continues to pile on costs for critical infrastructure victims

July 17, 2024

Category: Cyber-crime, Malware

Costs associated with ransomware attacks on critical national infrastructure (CNI) organizations skyrocketed in the past year. According to Sophos’ latest figures, released today, the median ransom payments rose to $2.54 million – a whopping 41 times last year’s sum of […]

Evolve Bank & Trust confirms LockBit stole 7.6 million people’s data

July 9, 2024

Category: Cyber-crime, Malware

Evolve Bank & Trust says the data of more than 7.6 million customers was stolen during the LockBit break-in in late May, per a fresh filing with Maine’s attorney general. The filing lists the total number of persons affected (including […]

Thousands of servers could be at risk due to major OpenSSH security flaw

July 2, 2024

OpenSSH, regarded as one of the “most secure software implementations in the world” has a “glaring gap” that allows threat actors to completely take over Linux systems that have it installed, experts have warned. A report from Qualys claims the […]

Network security, Security

Popular VPN ditches credential logins for Android

July 3, 2024

Via: TechRadar

If you’re an Android user, there’s good news for you: you no longer need to create an account to use Proton VPN – one of the best VPN services on the market. After a successful beta version launched earlier in […]