Closing the Gap Between Application Security and Observability

May 20, 2022

When it’s all said and done, application security pros may come to look upon the Log4Shell vulnerability as a gift. Potentially one of the most devastating software flaws ever found, Log4Shell has justified scrutiny of modern security methods. It also […]

Threat Actors Use Telegram to Spread ‘Eternity’ Malware-as-a-Service

May 13, 2022

Category: Cyber-crime, Malware

Cybercriminals are promoting a new, modular malware-as-a-service offering that allows would-be attackers to choose from a cornucopia of threats via a Telegram channel that to date has more than 500 subscribers, researchers have found. The new malware service, dubbed the […]

3 Reasons Why Cloud Contact Centres Are the Next Step in Customer Success

April 25, 2022

Category: Editorial

At the same time that the implications of the global pandemic have created difficulties for many, they have also sparked an opportunity for growth and change.  One key area that has continued to evolve even as we return to a […]

Threats & Malware, Virus & Malware

IBM Dives Into TrickBot Gang’s Malware Crypting Operation

May 23, 2022

Via: Security Week

The use of crypters to obfuscate malware in order to evade antivirus detection is not new, but TrickBot’s operators – which are known as Wizard Spider, ITG23, or the Trickbot Group – took this practice to a new level, by […]

Privacy protection, Security

Facial Recognition Firm Clearview AI Fined $9.4 Million by UK Regulator

May 23, 2022

Via: Security Week

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has fined facial recognition database firm Clearview AI more than £7.5 million (around $9.4 million) for breaching the UK GDPR. The ICO has also ordered Clearview to stop scraping and using the personal data […]


Pro-Russian Hacker Groups Are Targeting Ukraine and Its Allies: DDoS Attacks Are at an All-Time High in Q1 2022

May 20, 2022

Via: Natalie Dunn

Cybercriminals are continuing to exploit the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. After initial report of increased malicious and scam activity, the Russian invasion in Ukraine led to the largest-ever spike in DDoS attacks. Compared to the first quarter of 2021, the […]