T-Mobile Got Hacked Again at the End of 2020

January 7, 2021

USA’s third-biggest cellular service provider reported a security incident that took place in December 2020. This was the company’s second data breach during the pandemic-ridden year. T-Mobile appears to not be off to a good start in 2021 as the […]

What is Spoofing and How to Prevent a Spoofing Attack

December 29, 2020

Spoofing is a cyberattack that occurs when a scammer is disguised as a trusted source to gain access to important data or information. Spoofing can happen through websites, emails, phone calls, texts, IP addresses and servers. Usually, the main goal […]

Phishing Email Campaign Uses Updated COVID-19 Theme

December 23, 2020

A recently uncovered phishing campaign is spoofing messages from the New York State Department of Labor, claiming to offer $600 as part of a COVID-19 relief program, according to researchers at Abnormal Security. The goal is to harvest personally identifiable […]

Cyber-crime, Phishing

Classiscam expands to Europe: Russian-speaking scammers lure Europeans to pages mimicking classifieds

January 14, 2021

Via: Security Affairs

Group-IB, a global threat hunting and and adversary-centric cyber intelligence company, has discovered that Russian-speaking scammers started targeting users of European marketplaces and classifieds. The scheme, dubbed Classiscam by Group-IB, is an automated scam as a service designed to steal […]

Mobile, Privacy protection

WhatsApp Stresses Privacy as Users Flock to Rivals

January 13, 2021

Via: Security Week

There was “a lot of misinformation” about an update to terms of service regarding an option to use WhatsApp to message businesses, Facebook executive Adam Mosseri, who heads Instagram, said in a tweet. WhatsApp’s new terms sparked criticism, as users […]

Mobile, Privacy protection

Tech Giants Hope for US Data Privacy Law

January 13, 2021

Via: Security Week

“I think the stars are better aligned than ever in the past,” Keith Enright, Google’s chief data privacy office, told a discussion Tuesday on trust and privacy. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which has applied since May […]

Access control, Security

Hashing explained: Why it’s your best bet to protect stored passwords

January 13, 2021

Via: CSO Online

What is hashing? Hashing is a cryptographic process that can be used to validate the authenticity and integrity of various types of input. It is widely used in authentication systems to avoid storing plaintext passwords in databases, but is also […]