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APIs are becoming a major target for credential stuffing attacks

February 19, 2020

Via: CSO Online

New data from security and content delivery company Akamai shows that one in every five attempts to gain unauthorized access to user accounts is now done through application programming interfaces (APIs) instead of user-facing login pages. This trend is even […]

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Microsoft Trials Election Security Solution in Wisconsin

February 18, 2020

Via: Security Week

Introduced in May 2019, the free software development kit (SDK) was created in collaboration with Galois, aiming to provide end-to-end verification of elections. Moreover, the tool opens election results to third-party organizations for secure validation. Made available last year to […]

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MIT Researchers Find Vulnerabilities in Voatz Voting App

February 14, 2020

Via: Security Week

The application was used during the 2018 midterm elections in West Virginia, and was also deployed in elections in Denver, Oregon, and Utah. It was also used at the 2016 Massachusetts Democratic Convention and the 2016 Utah Republican Convention. Developed […]

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How AI will improve API security

January 29, 2020

Via: InfoWorld

APIs have become the crown jewels of organizations’ digital transformation initiatives, empowering employees, partners, customers, and other stakeholders to access applications, data, and business functionality across their digital ecosystem. So, it’s no wonder that hackers have increased their waves of […]

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Facebook users will be notified when their credentials are used for third-party app logins

January 16, 2020

Via: Help Net Security

Facebook will (finally!) explicitly tell users who use Facebook Login to log into third-party apps what information those apps are harvesting from their FB account. At the same time, users will be able to react quickly if someone managed to […]

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Windows 7: Microsoft Ceases Free Security Updates

January 14, 2020

Via: DataBreach Today

Microsoft on Tuesday will offer its final, free updates and security fixes for its Windows 7 operating system as well as Office 2010. The same goes for Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2, which also saw free support and security […]

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Clop ransomware looks to target Windows 10 apps

January 9, 2020

Via: TechRadar

A new variant of the Clop ransomware which targets Windows 10 apps such as text editors and office applications as well as other processes has been discovered in the wild. When the Clop ransomware first appeared in February of 2019, […]

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Mozilla patches actively exploited Firefox zero-day

January 9, 2020

Via: Help Net Security

Mozilla has patched a Firefox zero-day vulnerability (CVE-2019-17026) that is being exploited in attacks in the wild and is urging Firefox and Firefox ESR users to update their installations as soon as possible. About CVE-2019-17026 A day after Mozilla released […]

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Facebook Fixes WhatsApp Group Chat Security Issue

December 18, 2019

Via: Dark Reading

Facebook has fixed a bug in its WhatsApp chat platform that gave attackers a way to send a malicious group-chat message capable of repeatedly crashing the entire application for all members of a targeted chat group. To regain access to […]

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Twitter Spy Case Highlights Risks for Big Tech Platforms

November 11, 2019

Via: Security Week

The allegations of spying by former Twitter employees for Saudi Arabia underscore the risks for Silicon Valley firms holding sensitive data which make the platforms ripe for espionage. The two Saudis and one US citizen allegedly worked together to unmask […]