image credit: Unsplash

New Python Variant of Chaes Malware Targets Banking and Logistics Industries

September 5, 2023

Banking and logistics industries are under the onslaught of a reworked variant of a malware called Chaes.

“It has undergone major overhauls: from being rewritten entirely in Python, which resulted in lower detection rates by traditional defense systems, to a comprehensive redesign and an enhanced communication protocol,” Morphisec said in a new detailed technical write-up shared with The Hacker News.

Chaes, which first emerged in 2020, is known to target e-commerce customers in Latin America, particularly Brazil, to steal sensitive financial information.

A subsequent analysis from Avast in early 2022 found that the threat actors behind the operation, who call themselves Lucifer, had breached more than 800 WordPress websites to deliver Chaes to users of Banco do Brasil, Loja Integrada, Mercado Bitcoin, Mercado Livre, and Mercado Pago.

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