This Gadget Hacks GM Cars to Locate, Unlock, and Start Them

July 31, 2015

Via: hacker

Update 7/30/2015 3:00pm EST: GM tells WIRED that it has now fixed the vulnerability that Kamkar’s proof-of-concept device exploited, with no action necessary for OnStar users. Kamkar says the problem is not yet resolved, however, and has been told by GM that the company is still working on it.

GM’s Onstar service offers some of the most futuristic features on any connected car, including the ability to locate the vehicle, unlock it, and even start its ignition—all from a smartphone app. But if a hacker like Samy Kamkar has hidden a small, $100 box anywhere on your Onstar-equipped car or truck, those same conveniences could fall into unintended hands.

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