image credit: JD Lasica / Flickr

Man Suspected of Hacking Jack Dorsey’s Twitter Account Arrested

November 26, 2019

Police in California have arrested a man accused of being among a group of hackers who found a way to take over Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account.

The hacker was allegedly part of a group called The Chuckling Squad, which claimed responsibility for hacking the accounts of Dorsey and other high-profile celebrities. The arrest was made a couple of weeks ago, but it took a while to become public.

The hackers used a method called SIM-swapping, which doesn’t require high technical expertise. The alleged Chuckling Squad member arrested is accused of providing the group with numbers for high-profile targets. In the case of Dorsey, the attackers tricked the mobile carrier into issuing a new SIM card with the same number.

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