Microsoft’s Remarkable Pivot: Windows 10 Abandons Privacy

September 2, 2015

You can read all you want about Windows 10 powerful new privacy features, but that doesn’t mean you have them.

The Windows 10 reviews are pouring in and the general consensus seems to be that it rocks (especially over Windows 8). It’s feature-rich, fun, and best of all, free. So why then is calling it a privacy nightmare in dire need of reform? Because most of the powerful privacy settings are turned off by default. Yikes. Forget Clippy ever happened. There’s a new Microsoft sheriff annoying users in town.

The issue comes down to your personal information. Microsoft is acting as if it wants to collect lots of yours, more than it ever has before. And it’s not telling us why. In an Edward Snowden world, that scares people, as well it should. Sure, in certain instances it makes logical sense. Take Cortana for example, your friendly neighborhood personal digital assistant. Just like Apple’s Siri, in order to give you good ideas, Cortana needs to get to know you, your interests, and where you like to hang out. You can play with her settings if you choose, but the onus rests entirely on you. And therein lies the fundamental flaw of Windows 10: everything is on you.

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