Many admit that passwords are their only IT security measure

March 19, 2015

Via: featured

New research from SecureAuth shows that despite much debate, the password isn’t dead yet as two in five IT decision makers (ITDMs) admit that passwords are their only IT security measure. It is a worrying revelation, considering the prevalence of security breaches due to compromised credentials. Furthermore, a third (33%) of companies with more than 1,000 employees are still using password only access. Even more concerning, one in five (20%) respondents said they ‘don’t know’ how many IT security policies their company currently has.

The entertainment, hospitality and leisure industry is taking the most risks with its data as two thirds (65%) of respondents from this sector admit their organizations only use passwords as a security method. Additionally, almost half (45%) of ITDMs from public sector organizations revealed they also only use passwords – a concern considering organizations in this sector are responsible for protecting the public’s sensitive information.

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