Is 5G Technology a Blessing or a Curse for Security? Depends Who You Ask

December 27, 2018

5G is just around the corner. With its blazing fast speeds and lower latency, the way we use technology is bound to change forever and in every way. As these fascinating developments unfold, security will have to undergo significant changes as well. But will the arrival of 5G technology be a boon to security or present a whole new set of problems for the industry to address?

Do some digging, and you’ll find conflicting schools of thought about 5G security. On one hand, research from Ericsson asserts that security has been built into 5G from the ground up; on the other, an Inverse report warns that 5G’s inevitable internet of things (IoT) wave could create massive security headaches.

Is there cause for concern, or will this be business as usual?

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