image credit: Pixabay

Vendor Email Compromise is Latest Identity Deception Attack

November 5, 2019

Identity deception attacks continue to grow, but the type of attack seems to be changing. During Q3, 2019, phishing campaigns impersonating brands dropped by 6% over the previous quarter. Attacks impersonating individuals, however, increased by 10%. The drop in brand impersonation may be partly related to increased industry adoption of DMARC, which is up 49% over the last year.

However, although DMARC is increasingly being implemented, it is not yet being effectively used. Only the “p=reject” enforcement option will protect against email-based brand impersonation scams. Germany and the U.S. are the two countries with the highest use of DMARC. Germany has a higher number of implementations than the U.S., but a lower percentage of DMARC records set to the p=reject enforcement level.

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