These are the new prices for Apple’s iCloud

September 10, 2014


Shortly after the huge media event came to a close, Apple updated its website with some news that didn’t quite fit alongside the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Pay and Apple Watch. Starting now, Apple is introducing new storage plans for iCloud with better prices in order to stay competitive with Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive. FROM EARLIER: Tim Cook vows to improve iCloud security, prevent future ‘nudegates’ Everyone will still receive 5GB of storage for free, but the other plans have been adjusted: 20GB for $0.99 a month 200GB for $3.99 a month 500GB for $9.99 a month 1TB for $19.99 a month These aren’t quite as impressive as the new Dropbox prices, which offer 1TB of storage for