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1Password Unlock with SSO helps enterprises secure their employees

March 10, 2023

1Password has launched Unlock with Single Sign-On (SSO) which enables enterprise customers to use Okta for unlocking their 1Password accounts, with Azure AD and Duo integration to follow in the coming months.

Unlock with SSO helps IT teams improve their security posture while reducing daily login hassles and stress for employees.

“Securing employees at scale is no small task. At 1Password, we believe that the foundation of enterprise security is secure employees, and we’re driven by the principle that the safe thing must be easy by default,” said Steve Won, CPO at 1Password. “SSO plays a central role in enterprise security. Unlock with SSO was designed with a trusted device model, so that even if a user’s identity provider credentials are compromised, 1Password ensures attackers won’t be able to access customers’ vault.”

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