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Hacking bitcoin and blockchain

December 12, 2017

Via: CSO Online

It is hard to turn on the television or read a tech blog without getting inundated with stories about bitcoin or blockchain. The biggest reason bitcoin is so popular is its nearly 2,000 percent increase in price over the last […]

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‘Tis the Season for Increased Cybersecurity Vigilance

December 11, 2017

Via: Security Intelligence

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, more than 174 million Americans shopped online and in stores from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. That weekend may be in the past, but there are still plenty of opportunities for threat […]


Elite U.S. Government Hacker Charged With Taking Secret Information

December 4, 2017

Via: Security Week

A member of the US National Security Agency’s elite hacking team has been charged with illegally removing top secret materials, in an embarrassing breach for the crucial electronic espionage body. The Justice Department said Friday that Nghia Hoang Pho, 67, […]


5 Types of Highly Effective Hackers & How to Avoid Becoming Their Target

November 24, 2017

Via: Sofia Allende

Are cyber-threats keeping you up at night? You are not alone, dear reader. As hackers have become more skilled, there has been a rise in the number, severity and sophistication of cyber-attacks inflicting organizations of all sizes, all around the […]

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North Korea’s Lazarus Group Evolves Tactics, Goes Mobile

November 21, 2017

Via: Dark Reading

The group believed to be behind the Sony breach and attacks on the SWIFT network pivots from targeted to mass attacks. The Lazarus Group, the North Korean hacking team thought to be behind last year’s attacks on the SWIFT financial […]


Kaspersky Shares More Details on NSA Incident

November 17, 2017

Via: Security Week

Kaspersky Lab on Thursday shared more details from its investigation into reports claiming that Russian hackers stole data belonging to the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) by exploiting the company’s software. The Wall Street Journal reported last month that hackers […]

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Samsung, Apple, Huawei Phones Hacked at Mobile Pwn2Own

November 1, 2017

Via: Security Week

Researchers have managed to hack the Samsung Galaxy S8, the iPhone 7 and the Huawei Mate 9 Pro on the first day of the Mobile Pwn2Own 2017 competition taking place alongside the PacSec conference in Tokyo, Japan. The prize pool […]

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Kaspersky May Have Found How Russian Hackers Stole NSA Data

October 25, 2017

Via: Security Week

Security firm Kaspersky Lab has shared preliminary results from its investigation following media reports that Russian hackers used its software to steal sensitive NSA data from a contractor’s computer back in 2015. The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this month […]


Passwords & Email Accounts: a Gateway for Hackers

October 25, 2017

Via: Sofia Allende

“If you spend more on coffee than on IT security, you will be hacked. What’s more, you deserve to be hacked.” – Richard Clarke While the former National Coordinator for Security for the United States does make a valid point […]


Hackers Used Government Servers in DNSMessenger Attacks

October 12, 2017

Via: Security Week

A recently discovered DNSMessenger campaign is abusing compromised U.S. state government servers to host malware, Cisco Talos security researchers say. First uncovered in early March, the DNSMessenger attack involved the use of DNS requests to establish communication between a PowerShell […]