SAP Patches Critical Issues With November 2017 Security Updates

November 15, 2017

Category: Vulnerabilities

SAP released its November 2017 set of patches to address 22 vulnerabilities across its product portfolio, including three issues rated Very High priority (Hot News). The enterprise software maker included 13 patches in this month’s SAP Security Patch Day, to […]

Can Machine Learning Outsmart Malware?

October 12, 2017

Fighting malware is a modern arms race. Not only has malware evolved to be more evasive and harder to detect, but their vast numbers make it even more difficult to handle. As a result, detecting a malware has become a […]

Weakness In Windows Defender Lets Malware Slip Through Via SMB Shares

October 2, 2017

CyberArk says the manner in which Defender scans for malicious executables in SMB shares gives attackers an opening. Researchers at CyberArk Labs have devised what they claimed is a relatively simple way for attackers to sneak known malware past Windows […]


WordPress Sites Exposed to Attacks by ‘Formidable Forms’ Flaws

November 16, 2017

Via: Security Week

Vulnerabilities found by a researcher in a popular WordPress plugin can be exploited by malicious actors to gain access to sensitive data and take control of affected websites. Formidable Forms, available both for free and as a paid version that […]

Mobile security, Vulnerabilities

Debugging Tool Left on OnePlus Phones, Enables Root Access

November 15, 2017

Via: Threat Post

Chinese phone maker OnePlus is accused of leaving a debugging app on its phones capable of giving adversaries root access to the devices. The application in question is called EngineerMode and is made by Qualcomm. An anonymous researcher who goes […]


Adobe Patches Flash Player, 56 Bugs in Reader and Acrobat

November 15, 2017

Via: Threat Post

Adobe kicked off today’s Patch Tuesday barrage with a monster update for Acrobat and Reader patching dozens of remote code execution vulnerabilities, along with the near-customary Flash Player update addressing a handful of critical flaws. None of the vulnerabilities patched […]