Threats financial organizations will face in 2019

July 12, 2018

What type of threats will financial services and banking organizations face in 2019? According to IntSights Cyber Intelligence, they should be prepared for breaches effected through compromise of established vendor software or SaaS products, and vulnerable third-party, open source software […]

Apple Steps Up Encryption to Thwart Police Cracking of iPhones

June 14, 2018

Category: Mobile security

Apple said Wednesday it was strengthening encryption on its iPhones to thwart police efforts to unlock handsets without legitimate authorization. The move by Apple, the latest in an ongoing clash with law enforcement, comes amid reports of growing use of […]

5 Tips for Protecting SOHO Routers Against the VPNFilter Malware

June 4, 2018

News of how the Russians are alleged to have infected more than 500,000 home routers worldwide via the VPNFilter malware broke last week, leaving home users and security managers scratching their heads about how to best to lock themselves down. […]

Cyber-crime, Security, Spam

Spambot aims at targets WordPress sites in World Cup-Themed spam scam

July 13, 2018

Via: Security Affairs

Security experts from Imperva recently observed a spike in spam activity directed at WordPress websites, attackers aimed at tricking victims into clicking on links to sites offering betting services on the 2018 FIFA World Cup games. Imperva monitored the activity […]

Data loss

Cost of data breaches rises, mega breaches cost up to $350 million

July 13, 2018

Via: Help Net Security

Hidden costs in data breaches – such as lost business, negative impact on reputation and employee time spent on recovery – are difficult and expensive to manage. For example, a new study found that one-third of the cost of mega […]

Threats & Malware, Vulnerabilities

The Aurora Power Grid Vulnerability and the BlackEnergy Trojan

July 12, 2018

Via: TrendMicro Blog

At recent Industrial IoT security briefings, the Aurora vulnerability has come up repeatedly. Attendees ask, “Is our country’s power grid safe? How can we protect the grid? What is Aurora?” This post provides a look at Aurora, and the BlackEnergy […]