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FBI Warns of Cyber-Thieves Targeting Payroll Accounts

September 20, 2018

Via: Security Week

Cybercriminals are targeting the online payroll accounts of employees in a variety of industries to divert funds, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) warns. According to an alert from the FBI’s Internet Complaint Center (IC3), numerous such attacks have been […]

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Card skimming malware found on thousands of Magento-based sites

September 5, 2018

Via: Help Net Security

A card skimming operation has compromised 7339 Magento-based online stores, allowing the attackers to quietly slurp payment card info as it’s being entered by customers. Flagged in early August by Peeter Marvet (in Estonian) and then by security researcher Willem […]

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Ransomware is a big problem, but it’s also a big opportunity for MSPs to educate clients

September 4, 2018

Via: Help Net Security

While large-scale attacks such as WannaCry make headlines, ransomware attacks are just as likely to happen among small businesses as they are large enterprises. According to Datto’s 2017 Ransomware Report, an estimated five percent of SMBs globally fell victim to […]

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Reversing malware in a custom format: Hidden Bee elements

August 30, 2018

Via: Malwarebytes

Malware can be made of many components. Often, we encounter macros and scripts that work as malicious downloaders. Some functionalities can also be achieved by position-independent code—so-called shellcode. But when it comes to more complex elements or core modules, we […]

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Attackers abuse WMIC to download malicious files

August 30, 2018

Via: Symantec Connect

We recently observed malware authors using a combination of a tool found on all Windows computers and a usually innocuous file type associated with modifying and rendering XML documents. While these two things—the Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line (WMIC) utility and […]

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Loki Bot: On a hunt for corporate passwords

August 29, 2018

Via: Securelist

Starting from early July, we have seen malicious spam activity that has targeted corporate mailboxes. The messages discovered so far contain an attachment with an .iso extension that Kaspersky Lab solutions detect as Loki Bot. The malware’s key objective is […]

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Cryptojacking attacks spiked in first half of 2018, report

August 29, 2018

Via: CSO Online

Cryptojacking attacks have skyrocketed, locking in cryptojacking attempts as having the biggest security impact in the first half of 2018. So far this year, there has been a 141 percent increase in cryptocurrency mining detections compared to the previous half […]

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ThreatList: Ransomware Attacks Down, Fileless Malware Up in 2018

August 28, 2018

Via: Threat Post

The use of fileless malware in attacks continues to grow and now represents 42 out of 1,000 endpoint attacks, according to an analysis of 2018 data by one security firm. The uptick represents a 94 percent increase in the use […]

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Future Cyberwar

August 27, 2018

Via: Schneier on Security

A report for the Center for Strategic and International Studies looks at surprise and war. One of the report’s cyberwar scenarios is particularly compelling. It doesn’t just map cyber onto today’s tactics, but completely re-imagines future tactics that include a […]

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DNC ‘spearphishing attack’ was actually a test

August 24, 2018

Via: Naked Security

The Democratic National Committee (DNC), on Wednesday: We’ve been spearphished! The committee called the FBI about what it said was a fake login page designed to intercept usernames and passwords that would get attackers into the party’s voter database. The […]