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Microsoft engineer charged with money laundering linked to Reveton ransomware

April 16, 2018

Via: Security Affairs

The Microsoft network engineer Raymond Uadiale (41) is facing federal charges in Florida for the alleged involvement in Reveton Ransomware case. The man is suspected to have had a role in helping launder money obtained from victims of the Reventon […]

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You Can DDoS an Organization for Just $10 per Hour: Cybercrime Report

March 23, 2018

Via: Security Week

The cost of having an organization targeted by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack for an hour is as low as $10, cybersecurity firm Armor says. The low cost of launching such attacks results from the proliferation of cybercrime-as-a-service, […]

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FBI chief signals need to understand potential threats tied to cryptocurrency

March 8, 2018

Via: The Hill

FBI Director Christopher Wray on Wednesday said the bureau must be prepared to confront a new set of emerging cyber threats. “The digital environment presents new challenges that the FBI has to address in terms of what’s coming down the […]

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Dem senator introduces bill to help DHS identify terror threats

February 8, 2018

Via: The Hill

Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.) on Wednesday introduced a bill in the upper chamber designed to help the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) improve its ability to identify potential terrorist threats. Hassan said the DHS Data Framework Act will streamline the […]

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Researchers warn of invisible attacks on electrical sensors

January 29, 2018

Via: Naked Security

Are the humble analogue transducers embedded in vast numbers of sensors the next low-level technology in need of a security rethink? A new research note discussing what are termed “transduction attacks” argues that they are being taken for granted but […]

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On Saturday Malwarebytes delivered a buggy update that caused excessive memory usage and crashes.

January 29, 2018

Via: Security Affairs

On Saturday Malwarebytes issued a buggy update to its home and enterprise products that caused serious problems for the users, including excessive memory usage, connectivity issues, and in some cases system crashes. A buggy update rolled out over the weekend […]

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Spectre and Meltdown explained: What they are, how they work, what’s at risk

January 15, 2018

Via: CSO Online

In the first days of 2018, published research revealed that nearly every computer chip manufactured in the last 20 years contains fundamental security flaws, with specific variations on those flaws being dubbed Spectre and Meltdown. The flaws arise from features […]

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New Cryptocurrency Mining Malware Has Links to North Korea

January 9, 2018

Via: Dark Reading

A malware tool for stealthily installing software that mines the Monero virtual currency looks like the handiwork of North Korean threat actors, AlienVault says. A security vendor has found another clue that North Korea may be turning to illegal cryptocurrency […]

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Intel: Massive cyber-vulnerability not limited to our chips

January 4, 2018

Via: The Hill

The massive cyber-vulnerability revealed this week in Intel’s chips goes beyond the firm and affects other companies’ chips as well, according to Intel. The chip flaw leaves many computer processors created over the last 10 years, according to some reports, open […]

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Europol releases dramatic video of Romanians arrested for spreading CTB Locker and Cerber ransomware

December 21, 2017

Via: Hot for Security

As part of an extensive law enforcement operation called “Bakovia,” Romanian authorities on Wednesday arrested five individuals suspected of infecting tens of thousands of computers across Europe and the United States using the infamous Ransomware-as-a-Service model leveraging two of the […]