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Mark Your Calendar for the Top Security Conferences of 2018

December 19, 2017

Via: Security Intelligence

Security conferences offer great opportunities to learn about the latest innovations and trends in the industry. They allow practitioners to interact directly with vendors and to network with their peers, putting a human spin on the technology-driven, often impersonal business […]

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Week in review: Keylogger in HP laptops, ICS-tailored malware, new issue of (IN)SECURE

December 18, 2017

Via: Help Net Security

Here’s an overview of some of last week’s most interesting news and articles: Keylogger found in Synaptics driver on HP laptops For the second time this year, a security researcher unearthed a keylogger in a driver used on a number […]

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Expert found critical issues in Palo Alto PAN-OS Networks Security Platform

December 18, 2017

Via: Security Affairs

Last week, Palo Alto Networks released security updates for its PAN-OS security platform that address critical and high severity vulnerabilities that can be exploited by a remote and unauthenticated for remote code execution and command injection. The critical issue, tracked as CVE-2017-15944, […]

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Balancing Enterprise Security and User Access: 6 Points to Keep in Mind

December 15, 2017

Via: CIO

The balancing act that CIOs and CSOs must perform to keep the enterprise secures a delicate one – guarding corporate assets from both internal and external malicious threats, while also giving all users secure access to data, anytime, anywhere, from any device.What’s more, […]

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Digital disruption: 10 ways to survive and thrive

December 15, 2017

Via: CIO

Digital disruption hasn’t reached its zenith, leaving many CEOs still desperate to learn how to get ahead of it. Fear not: PwC principal Tom Puthiyamadam is on a mission to save corporate C-suites from themselves. Some CEOs are embarking on […]

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Artificial Intelligence is Important for Cybersecurity, But It’s Not Enough

November 24, 2017

Via: Security Affairs

The advent of Artificial Intelligence has brought with it a new scope for cybersecurity. After all, an intelligent security system is expected to overcome any sophisticated threats. However, many security experts believe that AI is a double-edged sword and hence […]

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Office 365 Phishing attacks create a sustained insider nightmare for IT

September 20, 2017

Via: CSO Online

DERBYCON – Earlier this month, Salted Hash deconstructed a Phishing email that had bypassed company filters and made into the general inbox. The email focused on an outdated company subdivision, and was easily spotted as a scam. However, we’ve since […]

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Infosec weakest links: Negligent employees and poor password policies

September 19, 2017

Via: Help Net Security

54% of respondents to a Ponemon Institute study that involved more than 1,000 IT professionals said negligent employees were the root cause of a data breach. The study found that strong passwords and biometrics continue to be an essential part […]

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AI will change the face of security, but is it still the stuff of sci-fi?

September 18, 2017

Via: Help Net Security

The technology industry has always had a big problem with hype, with marketing teams, analysts and the media alike tending to fixate on the next big thing that will revolutionise our lives. Artificial intelligence is the latest technology to be […]

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20 Questions to Help Achieve Security Program Goals

September 13, 2017

Via: Dark Reading

There are always projects, maturity improvements, and risk mitigation endeavors on the horizon. Here’s how to keep them from drifting into the sunset. Recently, I was at the beach and found myself gazing out toward the horizon. Of course, as […]