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1Kosmos BlockID 1Key secures users in restricted environments

January 25, 2024

1Kosmos announced BlockID 1Key, a biometric security key to provide a phishing-resistant passwordless multi-factor authentication option for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF), manufacturing clean rooms, customer help desks, higher education labs, retail bank branches, healthcare providers and other restricted environments where access to mobile devices is not permitted or available.

The BlockID 1Key which is connected to a shared workstation, is FIDO compliant and provides phishing-resistant passwordless MFA without the need to assign every user a physical key. This provides a cost advantage over conventional keys because one key can support unlimited users for each device, so fewer are required. BlockID 1Key also defeats unauthorized access due to key sharing and improves cycle time for customer-facing business processes, especially where login to multiple systems is required.

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