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Verizon says 63K employees’ info fell into the wrong hands – an insider this time

February 6, 2024

Verizon is notifying more than 63,000 people, mostly current employees, that an insider, accidentally or otherwise, had inappropriate access to their personal data.

The privacy blunder happened in September, and the American telco giant attributed it to “inadvertent disclosure” and “insider wrongdoing” in documents submitted to the Maine Attorney General. The Pine Tree state’s strict data loss rules require security snafu disclosures, even though in this case only 82 of its residents were directly affected.

At the heart of the drama: A Verizon employee apparently obtained a file that they shouldn’t have had access to, containing personal information including: names, addresses, Social Security numbers or other national identifiers, gender, union affiliation (if applicable), dates of birth, and compensation information.

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