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1% of users are responsible for 88% of data loss events

March 20, 2024

Data loss is a problem stemming from the interaction between humans and machines, and ‘careless users’ are much more likely to cause those incidents than compromised or misconfigured systems, according to Proofpoint.

While organizations are investing in ​Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions​, Proofpoint’s report shows ​that those investments are often inadequate, with 85% of surveyed organizations experiencing data loss in the past year.

More than ​nine in 10​ of those affected faced a negative outcome such as ​​business disruption ​​and revenue loss (reported by more ​than ​50% of affected organizations) or reputational damage (40%). ​Yet, surprisingly, data from Proofpoint’s platform reveals only 1% of users are responsible for 88% of alerts.

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