image credit: Pexels

Anatsa Android banking Trojan expands to Slovakia, Slovenia, and Czechia

February 19, 2024


In November 2023, researchers from ThreatFabric observed a resurgence of the Anatsa banking Trojan, aka TeaBot and Toddler. Between November and February, the experts observed five distinct waves of attacks, each focusing on different regions.

The malware previously focused its activities on the UK, Germany, and Spain, but the latest campaigns targeted Slovakia, Slovenia, and Czechia, which suggests a shift in its operational strategy.

The researchers classified Anatsa’s activity as “targeted,” threat actors were observed focusing on 3-5 regions at a time. According to ThreatFabric, the dropper applications were uploaded on Google Play in the targeted regions. The attackers noticed that the applications often reached the Top-3 in the “Top New Free” category, in an attempt to trick users into believing that the application was legitimate and downloaded by a large number of users.

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