Adobe to Patch Critical Vulnerabilities in Reader, Acrobat

October 9, 2015


According to a pre-notification advisory published on Thursday, the company will release for the Windows and Mac versions of Reader and Acrobat on Tuesday, October 13.

The affect and Acrobat Reader DC versions 2015.008.20082 and 2015.006.30060, Acrobat and Reader 11.0.12 and earlier, and Acrobat and Reader 10.1.15 and earlier.

While no details have been provided on the that will be fixed next week, the pre-notification advisory reveals that the flaws have a severity rating of “critical,” which indicates that they can be exploited to execute malicious code without the user’s knowledge, and a priority rating of “2,” which means there are currently no known exploits and the company does not expect to see any in the near future.

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