Wells Fargo apologizes for spilling trove of data on wealthy clients

July 28, 2017


In what can only be described as a true awh-shucks moment, Wells Fargo & Co finds itself offering apologies to approximately 50,000 Wells Fargo Advisors clients whose information was inappropriately shared by Wells Fargo outside counsel, Angela Turiano of Bressler Amery Ross, to an ex-Wells Fargo employee’s attorney, Andrew Miller, as part of the electronic discovery (e-discovery) response to a subpoena request for information.

While it is possible that the 50,000 clients’ accounts were all part of the fraternal squabble and litigation between one of the Sinderbrand brothers (Gary Sinderbrand, an ex-employee, and Steven Sinderbrand, an active Wells Fargo financial advisor) and Wells Fargo over the payment of commissions and fees in support of these high-end investors, that’s a lot of data to mishandle.

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