Healthcare Biggest Offender In 10 Years Of Data Breaches

September 22, 2015

Via: data-loss

Over the past 10 years of history, 41 percent of breaches were caused not by hacking, but by device loss. Because of a particularly bad record of holding track of its , the industry has been responsible for more breaches than any other sector this decade, according to ‘s of the past 10 years of data breaches — as catalogued by the nonprofit Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.

More than one-quarter (26.9%) of the data breaches reported since 2005 were in healthcare, but as Trend Micro points out in its , these are only the breaches we know about. A vast majority of data breaches remain unreported, because data breach notification laws do not apply to them. There may be intellectual property that would give you nightmares, but you won’t receive a letter about it unless your PII was involved, and even then not all the details will be shared publicly.

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