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SHA-1 cutoff could block millions of users from encrypted websites

December 11, 2015

Via: CSO Online

Millions of Web users could be left unable to access websites over the HTTPS protocol if those websites only use digital certificates signed with the SHA-2 hashing algorithm. The warning comes from Facebook and CloudFlare as browser makers are considering […]


Researchers say SHA-1 will soon be broken, urge migration to SHA-2

October 11, 2015

Via: vulnerabilities

In as little as three short months, the #sha-1 internet #security standard used for digital signatures and set to be phased out by January 2017, could be broken by motivated hackers, a team of international #researchers found, prompting security specialists […]


Researchers Warn Against Continuing Use Of SHA-1 Crypto Standard

October 8, 2015

Via: vulnerabilities

The #sha-1 #security standard, widely used in digital certificates, electronic banking, browsers, and other applications is weaker than previously thought and susceptible to attacks that are now well within the resources of criminal groups, an international team of cryptanalysts warned […]