image credit: Pixabay

New Stealthy Variant of Linux Backdoor BPFDoor Emerges from the Shadows

May 12, 2023

A previously undocumented and mostly undetected variant of a Linux backdoor called BPFDoor has been spotted in the wild, cybersecurity firm Deep Instinct said in a technical report published this week.

“BPFDoor retains its reputation as an extremely stealthy and difficult-to-detect malware with this latest iteration,” security researchers Shaul Vilkomir-Preisman and Eliran Nissan said.

BPFDoor (aka JustForFun), first documented by PwC and Elastic Security Labs in May 2022, is a passive Linux backdoor associated with a Chinese threat actor called Red Menshen (aka DecisiveArchitect or Red Dev 18), which is known to single out telecom providers across the Middle East and Asia since at least 2021.

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