Sonos: Accept new privacy policy or devices ‘may cease to function’

August 24, 2017

Sonos, that’s a really jerky thing to do — to tell your customers they must accept your new privacy policy or else those high-dollar wireless speakers will slowly die.

Sonos speakers are certainly not cheap, but those who weren’t afraid to pull the trigger and outfit their home with the wireless speakers are being rewarded for their loyalty by being threatened…do what we say or else.

A company can candy-coat the “or else” — such as Sonos claiming in its new privacy policy: “Sonos respects your privacy and your rights to control your personal data” — but it still boils down to do as we say or else. If Sonos really respected your privacy and right to control the data collected from devices that are in the privacy of your home, then you would be able to opt out of the policy.

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