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Faults in Our Security: 6 Common Misconceptions in Cybersecurity

November 28, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of computer security, many innovations flood the market, each boasting its efficacy. As a regular attendee of security conferences and contributor to security books, it’s evident to me that the field remains a hot topic. However, despite the significant investments of time and money, persistent issues persist. Let’s delve into six misguided notions undermining adequate computer security.

1. Default Permit: the illusion of safety

The concept of “Default Permit” is pervasive and enticing, akin to empty calories—pleasing but ultimately harmful. Whether applied to firewall rules or code execution permissions, Default Permit operates on the flawed assumption that allowing everything except known threats is a sound strategy. This approach leads to an endless arms race with hackers, where new vulnerabilities pose constant threats.

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