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Researchers disclose 7 flaws in 390 Axis IP cameras, remote attacker could take control

June 18, 2018


If you use Axis security cameras, then you really need to update the firmware as seven vulnerabilities across 390 camera models could allow an attacker to remotely take over the camera.

VDOO security researchers have been looking into the security of IoT products dealing with safety and security and finding zero-day vulnerabilities. Earlier this month, VDOO disclosed a critical chain of vulnerabilities in Foscam security cameras. This time around, the researchers disclosed seven vulnerabilities in Axis Communications’ security cameras.

VDOO senior security researcher Or Peles explained that chaining three of the flaws together could allow “an unauthenticated remote attacker that has access to the camera login page through the network (without any previous access to the camera or credentials to the camera) to fully control the affected camera.”

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