image credit: Pixabay

Patch time! Microsoft warns of new worm-ready RDP bugs

August 14, 2019

Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday bought some very bad news yesterday: more wormable RDP vulnerabilities, this time affecting Windows 10 users.

CVE-2019-1181 and -1182 are critical vulnerabilities in Remote Desktop Services (formerly Windows Terminal) that are wormable – similar to the BlueKeep vulnerability that people have already created exploits for. Wormable means that the exploit could, in theory, be used not only to break into one computer but also to spread itself onwards from there.

These new vulnerabilities, which Microsoft found while it was hardening RDS, can be exploited without user interaction by sending a specially-crafted remote desktop protocol (RDP) message to RDS. Once in, an attacker could install programs, change or delete data, create new accounts with full user rights, and more. CVE-2019-1222 and -1226 also address these flaws.

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