image credit: Pixabay

10 Reasons Your Organization Is Potentially at Risk of a Ransomware Attack

October 16, 2019


Does ransomware respect the holiday season? With ransomware attacks attempted every 14 seconds, it’s not likely attackers take any days off. The threat of ransomware keeps growing, and in Q1 2019, researchers noted a 118 percent rise in malware strains in this category.

Behind these rising numbers are cybercrime syndicates that continue to push ransomware onto enterprise networks. One of the threat actors that specializes in attacking companies is the group that operates the Emotet Trojan. After a three-month summer hiatus, Emotet command-and-control (C&C) servers appear to have resumed activity, delivering malicious binaries once more.

Although it started as a banking Trojan in 2014, Emotet changed its course to become a malware distribution botnet that delivers various malware strains for other organized cybercrime groups.

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