image credit: Pexels

Apple Patches macOS Security Bypass Vulnerability Exploited by ‘Shlayer’ Malware

The tech giant on Monday informed customers that it has patched tens of vulnerabilities in macOS Catalina, Mojave and Big Sur. The Big Sur update fixes nearly 60 security holes, including a logic issue tracked as CVE-2021-30657 that, Apple says, can allow a malicious application to bypass Gatekeeper checks.

macOS has three main security mechanisms designed to protect users against malicious files downloaded from the internet: file quarantine, which prompts the user and asks for confirmation when executing a file; Gatekeeper, which checks code-signing information to ensure an application comes from a trusted developer and it has not been tampered with; and notarization, which involves automatically scanning software for malicious content before it is allowed to run.

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