image credit: Pixabay

Ransomware attack paralyses Lake City email, landlines and credit card services

Lake City has warned citizens that administrative systems, including email and credit card systems, are down following a ransomware attack on the Florida municipality.

The attack, called “Triple Threat” in a press release issued by the city, reportedly combined three attack vectors to infect government endpoints, crippling the city’s administrative email systems, as well as landlines and credit card payments. Emergency services, however, remain untouched, according to the release.

“Currently, all City of Lake City email systems are inoperable. Most land-line phones are also out of order,” the release reads. “All emergency services including Police and Fire are fully operational. While other City networks are currently disabled, Public Safety networks are isolated and protected by encryption. As a result, all Emergency services remain intact … however, credit card payments are currently not available.”

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