image credit: Pixahive

Oleg Koshkin was convicted for operating a crypting service also used by Kelihos botnet

June 17, 2021

Russian national Oleg Koshkin was convicted for charges related to the operation of a malware crypting service used by the Kelihos botnet to obfuscate malware and evade detection.

“According to court documents and evidence introduced at trial, Oleg Koshkin, 41, formerly of Estonia, operated the websites “,” “” and others.” reads the press release published by DoJ.”The websites promised to render malicious software fully undetectable by nearly every major provider of antivirus software. Koshkin and his co-conspirators claimed that their services could be used for malware such as botnets, remote-access trojans, keyloggers, credential stealers and cryptocurrency miners.”

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