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LimeRAT Malware Analysis: Extracting the Config

April 27, 2023

Remote Access Trojans (RATs) have taken the third leading position in ANY. RUN’s Q1 2023 report on the most prevalent malware types, making it highly probable that your organization may face this threat.

Though LimeRAT might not be the most well-known RAT family, its versatility is what sets it apart. Capable of carrying out a broad spectrum of malicious activities, it excels not only in data exfiltration, but also in creating DDoS botnets and facilitating crypto mining. Its compact footprint allows it to elude endpoint detection systems, making it a stealthy adversary. Interestingly, LimeRAT shares similarities with njRAT, which ANY.RUN ranks as the third most popular malware family in terms of uploads during Q1 2023.

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