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Large-scale campaign targets vulnerable Epsilon Framework WordPress themes

November 18, 2020

Experts at the Wordfence Threat Intelligence team uncovered a large-scale wave of attacks targeting reported Function Injection vulnerabilities in themes using the Epsilon Framework.

Below a list of themes and related versions that are vulnerable to the above attacks:

Shapely <=1.2.7
NewsMag <=2.4.1
Activello <=1.4.0
Illdy <=2.1.4
Allegiant <=1.2.2
Newspaper X <=1.3.1
Pixova Lite <=2.0.5
Brilliance <=1.2.7
MedZone Lite <=1.2.4
Regina Lite <=2.0.4
Transcend <=1.1.8
Affluent <1.1.0
Bonkers <=1.0.4
Antreas <=1.0.2
NatureMag Lite <=1.0.5

According to the experts, the vulnerable themes are installed on over 150,000 sites.

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