Security firm predicts hackers will increasingly use AI to help evade detection in 2019

November 30, 2018

Via: The Hill

Hackers will increasingly turn to artificial intelligence to help them evade detection as they carry out their online criminal activities, according to a cybersecurity firm’s 2019 forecast.

McAfee Labs’s 2019 “Threats Predictions Report” released on Thursday says hackers will likely turn to A.I. to “increase their chances of success,” pointing to “an entire underground economy” where hackers can access new services and products to help them fly under the radar.

“We predict in 2019, due to the ease with which criminals can now outsource key components of their attacks, evasion techniques will become more agile due to the application of artificial intelligence,” the report reads. “By adding technologies such as artificial intelligence, evasion techniques will be able to further circumvent protections.”

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