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Protecting remote workers an opportunity to do security better

October 22, 2020

Via: Computer Weekly

Guaranteeing appropriate access to enterprise systems for remote workers has been the biggest cyber security challenge faced by IT teams during the pandemic, but it’s a good opportunity to improve business resilience by committing to a far higher standard of […]

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Covid-19 has changed how we think about cyber security forever

September 25, 2020

Via: Computer Weekly

Covid-19 sent shockwaves across industries, touching every person on the planet. Overnight, organisations that people depend on for employment, healthcare, education, infrastructure and services had to rapidly transform just to function. Some maintained continuity by moving entirely online in a […]

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Top Cybersecurity Challenges Facing Government Agencies

September 3, 2020

Via: Radware Blog

Government institutions require online applications to streamline processes, provide content and cut costs. The growth of online services and web-based content introduces new challenges to federal, state and local agencies that need to address issues like 24×7 access to critical […]


VPN Best Practices for Supporting Your Teleworkers

August 29, 2020

Via: Natalie Dunn

The COVID-19 pandemic shook the business world to the core since restrictions and mandatory public health measures forced employees to work from home. As lockdowns ended, more and more businesses started to rethink in-office perks and extend their work-from-home arrangements. […]

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Post-pandemic security market still set for growth, but slower

June 29, 2020

Via: Computer Weekly

The global security sector still presents “tremendous investment opportunities” in spite of the global economic crash forced by the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, and is expected to rebound after a brief slowdown, although growth will be slower than previously predicted, according […]

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Zoom to roll out fresh cyber security updates

April 23, 2020

Via: Computer Weekly

Zoom, the videoconferencing application that has captured the zeitgeist of 2020, has announced it will be rolling out a new version supporting advanced encryption to provide increased protection for its users. The firm shot to prominence in March as millions […]

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Coronavirus now possibly largest-ever cyber security threat

March 18, 2020

Via: Computer Weekly

The total volume of phishing emails and other security threats relating to the Covid-19 coronavirus now represents the largest coalescing of cyber attack types around a single theme that has been seen in a long time, and possibly ever, according […]

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NCSC issues coronavirus cyber security alert

March 16, 2020

Via: Computer Weekly

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has urged the public to follow online safety advice to the letter as more evidence emerges of cyber criminal groups exploiting the Covid-19 coronavirus for malicious ends. As extensively reported over the past few […]

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California’s CCPA an opportunity for security industry to do better

January 2, 2020

Via: Computer Weekly

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and a related internet of things (IoT) privacy law, SB-327, formally came into effect on 1 January 2020 in a landmark move that will strengthen cyber security protections for Californians and paves the way […]

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SD-WAN Requires Deep Integration Between Connectivity and Security

December 23, 2019

Via: CSO Online

The one common drawback to most SD-WAN solutions is that they address your WAN connectivity needs as if they exist in isolation. This isn’t unique. One of the biggest challenges facing organizations undergoing rapid digital transformation is that each new […]