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Hackers compromised Gentoo Linux GitHub Page and planted a malicious code

June 29, 2018

Via: Security Affairs

The development team of the Gentoo Linux distribution notifies users that hackers compromised one of the GitHub accounts and planted a malicious code. Developers of the Gentoo Linux distribution announced that hackers compromised one of the GitHub accounts used by […]

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Europol releases dramatic video of Romanians arrested for spreading CTB Locker and Cerber ransomware

December 21, 2017

Via: Hot for Security

As part of an extensive law enforcement operation called “Bakovia,” Romanian authorities on Wednesday arrested five individuals suspected of infecting tens of thousands of computers across Europe and the United States using the infamous Ransomware-as-a-Service model leveraging two of the […]

Network security

What is a botnet? And why they aren’t going away anytime soon

December 6, 2017

Via: CSO Online

Botnets act as a force multiplier for individual attackers, cyber-criminal groups, and nation-states looking to disrupt or break into their targets’ systems. By definition, they are a collection of any type of internet-connected device that an attacker has compromised. Commonly […]

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13% of SMBs have experienced an IoT-based attack

September 8, 2017

Via: Help Net Security

One in four companies have already experienced a ransomware attack and one in eight have dealt with an IoT-based attack, according to Arctic Wolf Networks. As mid-market companies continue to embrace IoT without implementing the necessary security tools, these attacks […]

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Dragonfly hackers gained operational access to European, US power companies

September 7, 2017

Via: Help Net Security

The Dragonfly hacking group is back – or should we say it probably never went away – and is still interested in penetrating the networks of European and US companies in the energy sector. Even worse, their efforts have been […]


Chinese man to serve nine months in prison for selling VPN apps

September 6, 2017

Via: Hot for Security

Continuing its crackdown on Virtual Private Network applications that allow users to bypass regulated communication channels, the Chinese Supreme Court setenced a man to nine months in prison for selling VPN software. Deng Jiewei, 26, was found guilty of “illegal […]

Mobile security

Google removes 300 Android apps following DDoS attack

September 4, 2017

Via: We Live Security

Google has been forced to remove almost 300 apps from its Play Store after learning that apps were being hijacked for DDoS attacks, an attack that ESET warned its followers on social media about in early August. The botnet, named […]

Data loss

More than 700 million email addresses leaked in huge data breach

September 4, 2017

Via: We Live Security

A spambot has leaked more than 700 million email addresses and passwords publicly in a huge data breach. The data dump occurred thanks to a misconfigured spambot, dubbed ‘Onliner’, and was discovered by a Paris-based security researcher known as Benkow. […]

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New ESET research uncovers Gazer, the stealthy backdoor that spies on embassies

September 4, 2017

Via: We Live Security

Security researchers at ESET have released new research today into the activities of the notorious Turla cyberespionage group, and specifically a previously undocumented backdoor that has been used to spy on consulates and embassies worldwide. ESET’s research team are the […]

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RaaS for loan for whomever is after your data

August 10, 2017

Via: Russel Edwards

Ransomware as a service, (RaaS), lets malicious parties use predefined malware, in order to extort their victims of choice. Available online, these cyber crime – to lease – deals are making the digital environment even worse. So far, only those […]