Wisdom of the Crowd: How the App Store Model Drives Innovation in Data Security

October 19, 2018

Two years ago, most people had never heard of ransomware. In 2017, it came out of nowhere to become the fastest-growing form of malware, costing enterprises $8 billion in the process, per IBM’s “2018 X-Force Threat Intelligence Index.”

Then, this year, everything changed. Cryptomining malware became a top data security threat, according to Comodo, while ransomware occurrences declined significantly. What’s more, cryptomining malware is evolving at an unprecedented rate, with more than 100,000 variants already detected. And while ransomware occurrences declined, researchers have still identified 70,000 new variants in the field this year.

The threat landscape is changing faster than ever, and that means our approach to prevention and containment needs to change as well. Cybercriminals use the dark web to exchange sophisticated toolkits for building malware and techniques for penetrating corporate firewalls. It’s impossible to predict the form or timing of the new threats they create, so security teams are forced into a perpetual game of catch-up.

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