image credit: Pixabay

Nasty regreSSHion bug in OpenSSH puts roughly 700K Linux boxes at risk

July 1, 2024

Glibc-based Linux systems are vulnerable to a new bug (CVE-2024-6387) in OpenSSH’s server (sshd) and should upgrade to the latest version.

Infosec researchers at Qualys published their findings today, revealing that sshd is vulnerable to a race condition that could allow an unauthenticated attacker to achieve remote code execution (RCE) on potentially hundreds of thousands of targets. Successful exploitation could give intruders root-level access to a system, allowing them to potentially get away with virtually anything.

Of the 14 million possibly vulnerable sshd instances that show up on Censys and Shodan scans, Qualys believes that roughly 700,000 of these internet-facing instances could feasibly be hit by regreSSHion – the name researchers gave to the flaw based on its roots.

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