image credit: Pexels

4 tips for partnering with marketing on social media security

December 2, 2020

If you ask cybersecurity execs where the biggest risk to their companies lies, 41.33% will tell you it’s marketing tech. At least, that’s what research provider Pollfish contends in its October 2020 report of 600 American professionals. Not just any martech, though: 25.67% are specifically worried about executives’ personal social media accounts.

The concern is for good reason. Those in the industry three years ago may remember a picture from Twitter of a Hawaii Emergency Management Agency employee standing by his computer with system passwords on Post-it notes behind him. The photo was taken by the Associated Press, then shared online. Whether it led to a January 13, 2018, alert that incorrectly warned Hawaiians a ballistic missile attack was coming, who knows. It doesn’t take a social media expert to know the photo was a bad idea.

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