image credit: Pexels

10 Ways to Spot a Security Fraud

April 10, 2020

The Latin phrase “caveat emptor” has become an English proverb, and for good reason. “Let the buyer beware” is an axiom that nearly all of us are familiar with. Most of us know the phrase in the context of retail purchases. We were taught, or have learned over time, to never take sellers at their word. We must always perform the appropriate research before making a purchase.

In security, unfortunately, we must practice a different type of caveat emptor. In recent years, security has become a hot field. And sadly, where there is budget and focus, there are also frauds and deceivers. There is no shortage of people presenting themselves as security experts. Some of them truly are. The rest of them, however, are keen to take advantage of security professionals who haven’t yet learned to filter the real security experts from the fakes.

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