How Shared Pools of Cloud Computing Power Are Changing the Way Attackers Operate

October 10, 2018


Cloud computing is creating new challenges among security professionals as attackers embrace the “as-a-service model”, giving unsophisticated cybercriminals a leg up in carrying out attacks.

The transformation from racks of physical hardware hosting sites and services to cloud computing has provided organizations with better flexibility and reduced costs. Attackers have seen the benefits to this model and are also taking advantage of cloud computing to make more money, evade detection and empower new threat actors.

There are probably few security professionals that don’t have a list of “clean” and “dirty” hosting providers. Many of us can recognize IPs that come from these dirty providers on sight. We know the ones that don’t ask questions, don’t patch their software, and look the other way when a flood of attack traffic comes from one of their data centers.

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