image credit: Pixabay

Did you give away your password in the comments section?

August 25, 2021

Facebook and Instagram have been flooded with groups, pages, and profiles that post funny quizzes asking members and followers to answer questions that prompt engagement, such as how old they were for specific dates or events in their lives. Naturally, people thirsty for attention gladly share the information. Still, social media users do not realize that by participating, they are giving away sensitive information such as date of birth, birthplace, wedding date, etc.

The comments posted under such posts are often public, which means that everyone can see those. And by everyone we mean, bad actors who are looking for ways to commit a crime. With this information being freely available, the comments section under a funny question suddenly becomes a source of information for fraudsters. Think of this method of gathering information as the social media version of Jimmy Kimmel’s viral “what is your password” video from 2016.

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